Twinings Tea Shop & Museum

216 Strand, WC2R 1AP, London

This historical shop sitting in the heart of London is over 300 years old. The shop and small museum offers a glimpse at London's tea history.

The shop sells an extensive selection of teas, as well as having a sampling counter to taste tea before you buy.

In the small museum, you can see fascinating old teapots and caddies, and artefacts and archive images of the Twinings Tea company and its founders, the Twining family.


Thomas Twining bought this shop in 1706, by buying Tom's Coffee House which was located to the rear of this building.

Twining introduced tea to the menu, and in 1717 he opened this shop (then called the Golden Lion) to sell tea and coffee. By 1734, Twining was selling tea exclusively, having stopped selling coffee.

Twinings' influence went beyond this store and London.

Though tea was fashionable in the early 1700s, it was still a luxury product enjoyed by the wealthy, as the taxes were high.

It is said that the tax was reduced by Prime Minister William Pitt who followed Thomas Twining's idea to reduce the tax on tea to prevent smuggling.

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